Parish Athletics

Parish Athletics

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Fall & Spring Softcrosse

Ages: Kindergarten-2nd Grade & 3rd-5th grade.

Spring 2020 Dates: March 1 - April 5

Fall 2020 Dates: Sep - Oct


K-2nd 2-3pm

3rd-5th 3-4pm

Location: St. Mary Magdalene fields in Apex

Cost: $65

Details: Parish Athletics Softcrosse is designed for beginners to intermediate players who want to learn the fundamentals of Lacrosse with a focus on stick skills, e.g., catching, throwing, ground balls and cradling. There is no hitting or stick checks, we use soft lax balls, and play without pads thus keeping the cost of player’s equipment to a minimum.

Age groups will practice together and scrimmage for an hour each.

Required Equipment: stick and mouthguard

The Basics of Softcross


- No stick checks, stick contact or body contact.

- Only one player from each team may contest the ball.

- The stick cannot be used to interfere with or obstruct another player.

- Players may not ‘goal tend’ or guard the goal. No players are allowed to stand within 1.5m of the goal (Goal   Circle).

- Players must keep two hands on the stick at all times when contesting the ball.

- There must be 3 thrown passes before the team can shoot a goal. Any touch or catch by the opposition

team cancels the count.

- Players may have possession of the ball for 5 seconds only.

- Players are permitted to run as far as they like with the ball, provided they maintain possession for no longer

than 5 seconds.

- If the ball goes out of bounds, the opposition teams takes a pass from the boundary line.