Parish Athletics

Parish Athletics

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Summer Softcrosse 2023

Ages: Kindergarten-5th grade 

Dates: June 12th - August 11th

Location: St. Mary Magdalene fields in Apex

Cost: $55

Details: Parish Athletics Softcrosse is designed for beginners to intermediate players who want to learn the fundamentals of Lacrosse with a focus on stick skills. There is no hitting or stick checks, we use soft lax balls, and play without pads thus keeping the cost of player’s equipment to a minimum.

Age groups will practice together and scrimmage for an hour each on a weeknight.

Required Equipment: goggles, stick, and mouthguard

Rules of Softcrosse

  • No stick checks, stick contact or body contact.
  • Only one player from each team may contest the ball.
  • The stick cannot be used to interfere with or obstruct another player.
  • Players may not ‘goal tend’ or guard the goal. No players are allowed to stand within 1.5m of the goal (Goal Circle).
  • Players must keep two hands on the stick at all times when contesting the ball.
  • There must be 3 thrown passes before the team can shoot a goal. Any touch or catch by the opposition team cancels the count.
  • Players must move with the ball. Cannot stand still for more than 5 seconds
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, the opposition team takes a pass from the boundary line.
  • Possession will revert to the opposite team after a goal, no draws.