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Parish Athletics COVID-19 Overview


Parish Athletics number one priority is to provide a safe environment for kids to participate in our sports programs. We have decided to put together these guidelines after recommendations from health officials and medical professionals.  Below we will lay out all of our policies regarding changes to this season because of COVID.  Please keep in mind that these policies are subject to change at any time.

There will be staff at practices and games to make sure the Covid-19 policies are followed!



       This season we will be playing most, if not all of our practices and games at St. Mary Magdalene Fields in Apex. The opportunity may arise to start at St. Michael’s but as of now their field is closed this spring.

       Teams will still be put together based on practice location requests.

       The fields will be marked clearly with entry and exit points as well as 6 foot spaced dots in any areas where congestion may occur.

       There will be hand sanitizer available at all portable restrooms and at each entry and exit to the fields.

       Parents will be asked to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between their family and other families/households while waiting for and watching their kids’ games. Families will be asked to stay at their field for the entirety of the session.

       Fields will be placed an appropriately distanced from each other to ensure that everyone has enough space to maintain a safe distance.

       Practice and game times will be staggered to avoid congregation on the field and near entry and exit points.  You will be asked to stay off of the field until your scheduled practice/game time.

       North Carolina law restricts the number of spectators and player based on square footage of the fields. We will need everyone help in order to keep the number of spectators to a minimum; further guidance will be provided before the start of the season.

       Signs will be placed around the field as a reminder of our mask policy below.



Mask Policy

        In accordance with North Carolina law and health advice we will be requiring that everyone on site must wear a mask. Per the NC Department of Health and Human Services, “Face coverings are also required in public outdoor settings if individuals are unable to maintain six feet of social distance with non-household members.”

       This applies to everyone (parents, family, and players) once they arrive at the site.


Symptoms Policy

       Anyone experiencing COVID symptoms are not permitted on site. This includes coaches, players, and family members.

       If a player has had close contact with someone who has COVID we will ask that you sit out for at least 5 days and a negative test or 10 days without a negative test.

       Parents will be required to monitor their kids health and symptoms prior to meeting for practices and games.  Coaches will be asked to keep attendance records for each practice and game as well.

       Parents will be required to disclose COVID symptoms to Parish Athletics to allow for contact tracing and to prevent team outbreaks. The players name will not be provided when we send out a notice to a team or teams that the player practiced with or played in a game.  Further guidance on how to report symptoms will be provided once we have put a system in place.

       A list of symptoms include:

o   Fever or chills

o   Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

o   New cough

o   New loss of taste or smell

o   Congestion or runny nose

o   Headache

o   Muscle pain

o   Sore throat

o   Fatigue

o   Nausea or vomiting

o   Diarrhea.