Parish Athletics

Parish Athletics

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-PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING PLENTY OF WATER, for not just your child playing, but you as well!  

 ALL soccer players are REQUIRED to have SHIN GUARDS and a BALL…CLEATS are NOT required.

·       Ages 3 yrs-1st grade are required to have size 3 ball

·       2nd  grade-5th grade are required to have size  4 ball

·       Note-Dick’s sporting goods has a great package which includes ball, cleats, shin guards, socks and bag for a reasonable price.

Baseball players only need to have a glove.


·       We are REQUIRED to have everyone park in the main parking lot. We are NOT ALLOWED to park on the side of the field/entrance, in the round-about, or in the road between Jacoba Hall and the field. We will allow you to use this as a handicap drop off for any elderly or a handicapped individuals, as we understand that this is a quite the walk.



·       We try to accommodate all requests as best as we can.

·       Some teams were full so requests to be on a friend's team or a coach's team could not be honored!

·       We held close to the rule that players could not play up; they were placed on a team based on their age/grade. We also tried to keep teams together the best we could.


·        All practices & games will be played on the St. Francis fields. 

 ·       The field you practice on is the field you will be practicing on the WHOLE season. Game fields WILL rotate possibly every week so PLEASE TAKE NOTE before you head to the fields. Your coaches will see to it that you know what field you are to be on every week and you will also have a copy!

·       Please take note that some teams may rotate TIMES that they play their games!

·       There are a few practice days that we do NOT have the field for. If your team is affected by this, we will have another option  that your coaches will share with you.

·       The season starts HOT and ends cool (sometimes COLD!) Those with afternoon games don’t love it in the august but love it in October. Unfortunately we can't make it perfect for everyone.

Please DO Not switch teams without checking with the coordinator first as with over four hundred kids, each team is put together accordingly by grades, sex of child, past playing experience, past teams, etc. We try to keep all teams together to the best of our ability.

Please check this website to find out when individual and team pictures will be.