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Parish Athletics

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We have opened a waitlist for Spring 2021 soccer and baseball while we assess the amount of space we have remaining!

Parish Athletics Weekend on March 19th - 22nd at Dick's Sporting Goods 20% Off Coupon provided below!
Dear Parents,

Parish Athletics was forced to shut down its operations last spring due to the coronavirus pandemic and has remained closed since. With advances in the vaccine and testing availability we now feel comfortable opening back up for Spring sports in compliance with CDC guidelines for outdoor sports. We will be offering soccer and baseball starting in late April!


Any paid registration from Spring 2020 Season will receive a credit for this Spring 2021 Season but requires you to re-register. If your child cannot participate in Spring Season or future seasons we hope to issue refunds as funds become available from new registrations over many seasons.


Re-registration for the Spring Season will be available starting today and a guaranteed spot if registered by February 15th. 

Please re-register for soccer and/or baseball on our website ( by using the buttons “Apex-Cary Spring Soccer 2021 Credit” and/or “Apex-Cary Spring Baseball 2021 Credit”. 

Each child that was registered for the Spring 2020 season will receive 1 credit that can be used by any child in the family for either sport. 


If you need to register a new child without a credit, please use buttons “Spring Soccer 2021” and/or “Spring Baseball 2021”. 

New registrations (not re-registrations from 2020) will open starting today; payment will not be required until 3 weeks before start of season; we are requiring a non-refundable $10 application fee (you can register up to four children per application) that does not count towards the registration fee.

We will be following all protocols recommended by the CDC and local and state governments until the coronavirus pandemic has ended. Kids will not have to wear masks while playing but everyone else will be required to wear masks while at the fields.